All About Pickleball

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sport/exercise social outlets for the young and “MATURE” in the USA. If you would like to play a sport that provides a great workout –but doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion or the fitness level of a 20 year old, you should join the Pickleball Revolution!

Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. It is played on an indoor or outdoor court that is approximately half the size of a tennis court. Equipment consists of a paddle (like a ping pong paddle but with a larger head), a plastic wiffle type ball (moves at one-third the speed of a tennis ball), and a net that sits four inches lower than a tennis net. The smaller area combined with the slower moving ball makes pickleball much easier to play (and is much easier on the knees) than tennis.

Pickleball has been especially embraced by older participants because of the smaller court size and slower moving ball.

So come out and see what the pickleball craze is all about. Paddles and balls will be provided.

Pickleball is offered:

Monday-Saturday mornings 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Monday-Friday afternoons 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Sunday afternoons 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Parkside Athletics has four courts & at least one that is dedicated for beginner/recreation level play every day.

*Any player may choose to play on any of the courts that they feel comfortable playing on from a skill level standpoint, just please understand the level of competition that you will be playing against.*

Tuesday & Thursday mornings 9-11am


Monday-Friday 1-3pm (generally most open courts for the beginner/recreation player)

Parkside Athletics Members - Free
Non-Members - Drop-In - $3/visit or Punch Card - $25/10 visits