Ultimate Performance Training

Ultimate Performance provides the highest level of training, designed to enhance and improve every aspect of an athlete's performance! Ultimate performance training specializes in improving the ability to react quicker with bursts of explosive speed and power, which is an asset for any sport. We have created this program to address the demands of various sports, and the levels and needs of a wide range of athletes.

Focusing on form and technique first, each athlete realizes his or her potential immediately and then focuses on improving their overall athletic ability. Given hard work and dedication, each athlete can reach their maximum potential.

Ultimate Performance programs are specifically designed to improve an athlete's performance as well as reduce the risk of injury while playing sports.

Ultimate Performance Improves

  • Speeduptpng
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Vertical Jump
  • Agility
  • Acceleration
  • Core Stabilization
  • Overall Athletic Ability
  • Joint Stabilization
  • Quickness
  • Dynamic Warm-Ups


The Benefits of Dynamic Flexibility / Stretching . . .

  1. An increase in functional range of motion.
  2. Improvement in posture and muscle symmetry
  3. Reduction in the incidence and severity of injury.
  4. Increase in the level of certain skills and muscular efficiency.


Training the muscles of the core corrects postural imbalances that can lead to injuries. The biggest benefit of core training is to develop functional fitness - that is, fitness that is essential to both daily living and sport activities. Core Training can improve . . .

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Lateral Quickness
  • Agility
  • Reaction Time
  • First Step
  • Core / Joint Stabilization

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