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About Parkside Athletics Personal Training

Nothing beats the assurance you get from working with a certified Personal Trainer - it helps you realize your potential and physical ability and builds your confidence and self-esteem. 

Parkside Athletics hires independent contract personal trainers that have the education and training to help you meet all of your fitness goals. Our team will show you how to participate in a safe and productive exercise program that will give you results. Whether you are looking to add some intensity to your current fitness routine or just getting started in the pursuit of your fitness goals, we can help develop a training program for your specific needs. Parkside Athletics team of trainers is here and ready to help you!

Personal Training is for you if you are:

  • A beginner, intimidated by weight equipment and unsure of correct exercise technique
  • Experienced and training hard but not getting the results you're looking for
  • Needing to lose body fat
  • Having a hard time sticking with a program
  • Bored with your present routine
  • Injured or suffering from a medical condition
  • Wanting to train for a special event
  • Experience our Expertise — The most important goal is to instill self confidence, self-esteem, and of course have fun!

Interested in Personal Training please contact:

Becky Cloyd 309-202-7323 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.