Member Spotlights

Teresa Modendricker

After 23 years on dialysis and too many trips to the hospital, Teresa decided it was time for change. Shortly after joining Parkside, she decided to hire a personal trainer, Amanda Welsh. Personal training has helped Teresa in her everyday life. Teresa is more active and stronger than ever before! Not only has personal training enhanced Teresa's self esteem but it has also kept her out of the hospital! We are thrilled to see Teresa so happy and healthy! Next time you see her be sure to congratulate her on her great accomplishments!

Karen Taylor

After weighing in at 264 lbs, Karen decided it was time to revamp her lifestyle. She was determined to lose weight in a healthy and maintainable way without resorting to fad diets or surgeries. Karen started eating a sensible, manageable and healthy diet in addition to exercising six days a week at Parkside.

Karen did a combination of cardio & strength equipment as well as attending group exercise classes. The instructors at Parkside gave her the encouragement she needed. Karen found an exercise plan that worked best for her. She was able to keep this workout schedule despite limitations with arthritis. 

Karen's weight loss journey was not easy but she was able to remain disciplined throughout. Despite all the bumps in the road, including several months of not working out due to illness, she persevered and met her goal! Through determination and the encouragement of her family, friends and the Parkside staff, Karen has lost 105 lbs! Karen continues to workout 6 days a week and eats healthy to maintain her weight loss. We would like to congratulate Karen on her great accomplisments!

Dan Sego

Dan was a self described "master of fad diets". He was in a constant battle of losing weight and then gaining it all back plus some. After finally realizing it was a lifestyle change he needed, he decided to make the change.

This time he was determined to set realistic small goals in order to achieve his ultimate goal. He knew in order to meet his goal and maintain it, he would need to lose weight in a healthy and realistic way. Today Dan is achieving his goal by continuously meeting his small goals.

Dan works out 5-7 days a week doing a mix of strength training and cardio, depending on his work schedule. He is also more aware than ever of what he eats. The combination of exercise and a healthy diet is helping him meet goals. Although he never imagined being in a situation of losing 100lbs, the number isn't 100lbs anymore and every week it gets smaller. We congratulate Dan on his great accomplishments! We are truly inspired and look forward to see you meet your final goal.


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